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BREAKING: 'Major breakthrough' as UK scientists find cheap steroid cuts COVID-19 deaths

Scientists in the UK have discovered a cheap and available treatment for COVID-19 patients.

They have described the use of a common steroid drug as a “major breakthrough”.

The drug, dexamethasone, reduced death rates by a third for patients on ventilators, and by a fifth for patients needing oxygen.

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  1. All lifes matter blm are deviders we must all unite to defeat the globalist who are trying to impose there rules on us what ever race or sex unite and fight the media are part of the lies

  2. Omega-3 fish oil, as an anti-inflammatory. Vitamin C, as
    an antioxidant. Valeriana officinalis,
    to relieve stress and anxiety, relax muscles. Hypericum perforatum (St Johns Wort), to relieve stress and
    anxiety. Silybum marianum (Milk
    Thistle), to assist liver function. Ginkgo
    biloba, as a peripheral vasodilator. Eucalyptus/tea tree oil
    [anti-inflammatory] inhaler/chest rub/vaporiser. Face mask imbued with oils. Oregano,
    Bay Leaf, Fennel, Aniseed [expectorants], Thyme [antispasmodic], Rosemary
    [bronchodilator]. Herbal teas – Lemon/honey/ginger [expectorants], peppermint
    [bronchodilators], chamomile [relaxant]. Black/green tea [antioxidant]. Anti-inflammatory
    diet; including garlic, onions, turmeric [curcumin], omega-3 fish, chick peas. Hatha
    yoga – especially for neck, sinus and lungs. Pranayama yoga [nasal/lung breathing].
    pressure points on upper chest [Marma Chikitsa] and
    Air mattress – less pressure on lungs

  3. Great news indeed ! However I do not share some of the comments emphasis on UK scientists being the ones who ‘found’ a treatment. The search for a treatment or a vaccine are a global effort and corticosteroids (like dexamethasone) have been trialed and tested in previous studies in China, Italy and other countries (Zhang et al., 2020; Veronese et al., 2020)
    Whether they are effective against COVID-19 or is not conclusive (Tang, Wang, Lv, Guan, Gu, 2020; Molina et al., 2020).

    1. Corticosteroids have been used for a long time to treat severe respiratory illnesses like bronchopulmonary dysplasia in infants (Rastogi et al. 1996).
    2. It is neither a cure nor a vaccine
    3. It is used as a treatment for people who are already in a bad condition (i.e on a ventilator or receiving oxygen)
    4. It does not make a difference for people with the virus who are not seriously ill.

    Other interesting information:

    – Dexamethasone was first synthesised by a Swiss-polish scientist and two Americans as early as 1957

  4. WOW, they found a cheap way to cut deaths that were so few to start with, that the government had to breakdance around the numbers!!! I had to stand in a queue outside my Sainsbury's & a thick as a plank cab driver was actually saying that the government control over us wasn't enough & we had to frther control ourselves. So, just because we could go to the beach etc. Doesn't mean we should!!!! The stupidity of Jow public has reached new heights & the human race is now the human herd!!!! It's over!!!!

  5. Warning: BBC and the GOV = FAKE NEWS: propaganda outlet.

    It's all a lie based on faulty models, assumptions and manipulated statistics via guideline relaxation… at this point, if not sheer incompetance and inability to admit error due to saving face (and no, ignorance is not an excuse for harming people – yes, far more have been forced into ill-health and DEATH due to the LOCKDOWN than this fairly typical respiratory illness season), the only explanation is that it is intentional and malicious.



    Perspectives on the pandemic Episode 5.

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