What will the COVID-19 pandemic look like in Oregon over the next month? Modeling shows scenarios

As Oregon faces a surge in coronavirus cases, new modeling suggests there could be plenty of more days with at least 100 new cases, if not more.

Researchers for the Institute for Disease Modeling (IDM), based in Bellevue, Wash., say it’s still too early to determine the full scope of why cases have surged over the past few weeks, but recent data appears to show transmission has increased by at least 10 percentage points since gradual reopening in Oregon began on May 15.

The concern over the spike in COVID-19 cases led Gov. Kate Brown, in consultation with state health officials, to pause all county reopening plans for at least a week, including Multnomah County’s Phase 1 application.

The IDM models, which the Oregon Health Authority uses for data analysis and planning purposes, were released on Friday. They project three different scenarios based on varying transmission rates. Read more about the breakdown of the three models:

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  2. Ask the Oregon Health Authority to watch recordings of the demonstrators marching down the street so maybe they'll get an idea of why the virus is spreading. No masks or masks not covering noses and shoulder to shoulder. I guess besides moss COVID grows on all sides.

  3. I don't know how they come up with any desease models, when we're the worst state on testing. How the fuk do they know anything? And just like I figured, everybody tossed their masks when we relaxed some restrictions. Just wear the mask, don't gather, and try to avoid me when you can.

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