Higher education takes lessons from COVID-19 pandemic

This year, despite difficulties due to the pandemic, Times Higher Education still managed to release the ranking of Asia’s top 100 universities. Chinese institutions occupy the top spots, with Tsinghua University in first place and Peking University in second. What do the rankings mean? And how can Asian universities improve their competitiveness in the global arena? CGTN’s Tian Wei talked to Phil Baty, the Chief Knowledge Officer of Times Higher Education, who has 20 years of experience working in the global higher education sector, including more than seven years as editor of the World University Rankings.

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  1. Please stay in China. Don't come to Australia. The Australian universities ranking are going down the tube. If you have to, go to Japan or Singapore. They are way better than Australia.

  2. Wow… US just caught a PLA spy trying to smuggle US research back to China!! This is after two Chinese convicted and sentenced for entering an Air Force base illegally.

  3. Is china university is so bad that they have to go study abroad ? I read that China University is aalready very good. Better study in china will support the Univ to become better

  4. China has the clear long-term advantage in education📈But instead of investing more into their own people, the US thinks blame games and military spending is the priority🤬🤔

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