Chinese scientists 99 per cent confident in coronavirus vaccine

Chinese scientists working on a COVID-19 vaccine have told Sky News they are 99 per cent sure it will be effective.

The bio tech company is currently in stage two trials with more than 1000 volunteers participating.

Image: AP

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  1. yu know through the past 7 months ive never heard of one case of animals getting it , so why try vaccines on them ? they obviously must have a natural immunity to it already

  2. thats what i like to hear . china will try it first . only makes sense , the country killing off the world should be fixed first .. ass holes . if they find it works , they should send the first batches to the rest of the world first . they caused us to get it

  3. You created a vaccine, then will sell it to other countries, and if they will buy it, you'll earn buckets of money. So it's money over life from the very start

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