Hair salon makes COVID-19 safety changes ahead of re-opening

As many businesses gear up to open their doors again some say things so far will not be the same. Back in March, Gaven Smith owner of Studio Gaven Hair Colour in Franklin was already putting guidelines in place to protect his team and clients from the spread of COVID-19.

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  1. I wonder how these politicians and news anchors are getting haircuts. They look perfectly well groomed in front of camera every time they lecture us the slaves on how to remain caged. If we can’t get it, how are they allowed to get it by circumventing their social distancing rule for the rest of us? It’s hypocrisy.

  2. It's all opening up and fast. No stopping it now. Except for masks at work for a while thing will be back to almost normal in a couple of weeks. It just not that bad of a virus. If it was the reopening would not be happening.

  3. It'll be less like a pamper/treat now and more like going in a clinic for an operation. I do feel for hairdressers and barbers and other shopkeepers (small and independent paticularly), but mithering about perfect hair?? – Not exactly sexy times right now with everyone avoiding each other and us all going around wearing bloody great filters on our gobs.

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