Will Warm Weather Stop COVID-19?

As COVID-19 continues to spread worldwide many people have wondered whether warmer weather will slow it down. People often refer to the seasonality of the flu virus, which is transmitted much more easily in winters, in dry and cold conditions. Flu cases tend to drop when humidity levels rise in spring and summer. Yet, the COVID-19 virus is not the same as the flu. One reason is that the pool of people who can be infected is much larger in this pandemic. So seasonality likely won’t have as much of an impact until more people develop immunity to it. For now physical distancing will have a much more efficient impact on slowing the virus.

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Will Warm Weather Stop COVID-19?

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  1. Simply, no, it would not stop the spread. So don’t think the summer heat is gonna help.
    Tropical counties like mine still have high counts of infections even though we have one of the hottest whether.

  2. Um I live on the equator where it ranges from 75° – 89° F (24° – 32° C) all year round. We’re currently in a drought and we still have COVID cases. So, the answer is NO.

  3. The big picture to us is, we should treat these pandemics as a public health problem. . . . We need to think about the underlying drivers. These are the things that lead to new outbreaks. And they’re the things we need to focus intently on and say, let’s change our behavior around them.

  4. you don't have to watch this video because I can tell you.. the answer is no.
    also. trump has no idea what he's talking about I don't understand why people take anything he says seriously.

  5. This entire video completely ignores the millions of people that live in the part of the World where it it hot and humid all year round. Is this a real Science channel?

  6. So what i read from others here, the answer is so far no. and until they find a solid answer or make a solid vaccine to kill it then stay home and wear a mask anytime u gotta go anyplace so u not give it or by chance get it from anyone around u at time. so many or so faew think they wont get it till they get sick and try take meds or checkd to see if got it cause didnt wanna stay in or wear a mask anytime.

  7. People don’t seem to understand that no one is saying it will completely wipe it out. There are warm countries that still get Coronavirus. But it is no where near the effect of a place like New York where it is still snowing.

  8. Pandemics as a whole are increasing in frequency, It’s not a random act of God. It’s caused by our food preferences and what we do to the environment. We need to start connecting that chain between Pig factory farming and emergence of Epidemic Viruses.

  9. Most pigs are bred in cages fed blood meal derived from morbid animals and fed their own carcasses just to increase their protein content. This is not live stock farming this is cruelty. It is inevitable that they eventually get diseased and develop deadly infections and die in misery. This unscrupulous business and cruelty must come to an end.

  10. i would love to be full of joy and say something nice to make us all feel better, but not this time, this coronvirus is with us for a few years, 3 of my neighbours sadly have been taken by it, here in the UK 27, 000 taken in less than 5 weeks. I would try to see light on this but at the moment cant, this is only the start, vacccine still long way off, in the 80s many of my friends died from the HIV virus, AIDS, to this day still no vaccine, and so many times great hope that one was found, but never to work in humans, they say its still many years away. with coronvirus i think in the short team treatments are the only hope, the drugs for HIV give people today a normal lifespan. sorry if i am not that hopeful but i have to be honest.

  11. Donald Trump is so ignorant not to think of the rest of the world. The countries near the equator where extremely high temperatures are a norm are continuing to see numbers in cases rise. What a bs theory.

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