Covid-19: Why is America’s death toll so high? | The Economist

America’s covid-19 death toll is higher than anywhere else in the world—and is continuing to mount. What’s behind the country’s coronavirus pandemic failings? Read more here:

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  1. What do you want to know about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic? Comment below with any questions you have about Covid-19 and about the economic impact and recovery in the months and years ahead. Our resident coronavirus expert alongside one of The Economist's financial journalists will answer as many questions as possible in two films we’ll publish on 5th and 8th May.

  2. So long as I am following the rule of land I do not mind wich political scool I am living in. Now Democracy in US, UK and Europe did not help to save lives as well as Communism in Russia or liberal politics Brazil and Sweeden

  3. This is why Trump won. I am a liberal and always will be, but these students are the new face of the democratic party When the "progressives" are discriminating based on race and fighting against free speech I simply cannot support it

  4. Trump: "We will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN"


    Trump: "……..China's beating us"


  5. 50% of the deaths are in: New York, New Jersey , Massachusetts, Illinois and Michigan states… would be interested if you check the governors actions on these states…

  6. This is my only problem with the Republicans, they are way too cautious and slow to act in many areas. And my only problem with the Democrats is that they politicized everything and instigate partisan politics.

  7. Its not because of the president.. It is because of the people of america.. They dont care about lockdown or others, not to mention social distancing, just think of freedom and enjoying life and thats what they get, president in the whole world are not responsible for the spread of this virus, it is the dicipline of the people.

  8. Come on Economist, you cannot be more biased in this 'reporting'. The Economist blames the conservative for their slow response but so far, most of the death occurred in DEMOCRAT CITIES and DEMOCRAT GOVERNOR. Mind commenting on that?

  9. Us Americans need real discipline to stay home because no one is taking this coronavirus thing serious the US has the most deaths when will you take things seriously!

  10. Well , people in 2020 are still living as though they were in 1918 pandemic when 675,000 Americans died . The Covid 19 in this pandemic have so far claimed 111,000 fatalities and counting …..

  11. This is a joke and full of lies. Jan 30 WHO advised that the virus was in fact human to human transmitted. Jan 31 Trump signed an order restricting flights from China and other countries with COVID outbreak. CDC was staged at 5 Int’l airports. Meanwhile, Trump was called a xenophobere for the first actions. Trump warned of the virus in Feb during the SOTUA but Nancy Pelosi called the speech a manifesto of lies. If you look it up the orders signed into action nearly daily steps to battle or prepare for virus. Funny that the virus seems to have cured diabetes, renal failure, pneumonia, heart issues because all the numbers in those are down due to COVID. Majority is over the age of 70 and had 1 – 3 other underlying conditions. If people continues to believe this bs then you are fooled by people that only want to control you and see you dumb enough to not question their info and believe anything they say is true.

  12. For an accurate assesment, shouldn't we control for population size?
    How is the USA's Case-fatality rate lower than France, Italy, UK, Mexico, Sweden, Ecuador, Canada, Indonesia? Why is our death rate/ 100,000 lower than UK, Italy, Sweden?

  13. When covid 19 started to spread to the world from China, I saw a lot of videos and comments on Youtube that said masks don't protect you from covid 19. I guess this also contributes to the crazy spreading.

  14. 3 reasons

    1) USA is a big country with lots people.
    2) Orange Baffoon did nothing about it despite warnings.
    3) We took way too long to go on lockdown. It should've began at least 3 weeks earlier.

  15. Too much arrogance… Stupidity…freedom of movement when not necessary,,, Arguing with Doctors and not believing…ALL THESE WILL BRING DOWN AMERICA UNLESS THEY CHANGE

  16. I can assure you its no more fatal here than anywhere else. So why are the numbers so high? Both Political and financial motivations to put Covid as the cause on the death certificate, plus a media that lies and exaggerates whats happening.

  17. The ventilators are killing people and they were putting every death as coronavirus I’d like to ask you people one thing in the states what the heck happened to the regular flu

  18. the only problem which humans have is money. earth has no problems. sun, water, and the soil are here, we just have to pay it to use it. we are paying those who make millions.

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