Indonesia declares COVID-19 pandemic a national disaster | What this means

Indonesia President Joko Widodo on Monday (Apr 13) signed a presidential decree declaring COVID-19 a national disaster – only the third time the country has done so. CNA’s Saifulbahri Ismail with what this means, and why it’s meant to be a signal for people to treat the situation seriously.

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  2. Indonesian government does not have clear rules for dealing with corona. New rules are continually being issued which make economic impacts heavier and corona more widespread

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  5. How come only the Indonesian reporter has higher standard than any other Asean CNA reporter? CNA should find more of this kind of correspondent on other countries in Asean. His format is way far from others, he delivers news like no other compared with other correspondents. Even some people in my country hate our CNA correspondent.

  6. 1 ) declaring national disaster don''t mean a thing
    2)Action need to taken now .. lock down
    3)dont go out of the house or compound. head of the family go buy food and daily stuff.
    4)gov should help public in poverty for their food and daily need.
    5)social distancing .. mask
    6)Gov official love you people please……………
    7)stop/ freeze non important business.

    3 country which is develop county will be hit hard as I predict Indo philipine and thailand… late action

  7. Until the cases now up to 4k of this pendamic?
    But, literally juz now the government wanna declare this is A national disasters?
    Look at all the nation that had been underestimate this pendamic, look at them now !
    No more can i saiy, juz Hope the best for all Indonesian citizens yaa☺️

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