A Tale of Two Countries: Sweden, Germany take different COVID-19 approaches

Sweden still hasn’t imposed a full lockdown even though death rates have jumped compared other Nordic countries; Germany, in contrast, has deployed nationwide testing to track its cases.

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  1. My point is people have been dying and its not the end of dying common sense count here the desease never existed in the first place the existing desease that we know are not being tackled Don, t go telling kid's that they will die making the matters worse idiots

  2. Was zur Hölle? Ich bin mit einem Lockdown zufrieden, natürlich fehlen mir meine Freunde und Familie aber da einige davon zur Risikogruppe gehören bin ich lieber auf der sicheren Seite.

  3. We can stop this, and it is in the process of being changed. Scientist advises: "Say no to this potential future" According to Phd P. Guillemant's discoveries, and Double Causality Theory, the project of widespread transhumanism shall fail and is a former future produced by a materialistic vision of life, resisting the current changes/update/reboot. Cause Humanity's Consciousness as a whole, being now focused on a spiritual vision of life, that is full of respect towards Nature and on inner development, these plans are doomed.

  4. No country can compare with China, because China has returned to partly normal life. The reason why it cannot be said to be a complete normal life is because China needs to wait for the rest of the world to return to normal.

  5. Reading this vine you see the Germans and the other Europeans speak multiple languages. Americans only speak 1 language and they think that's normal. I speak 5 languages and my children are all under 6 years old and they are fluent in three languages. It should be an embarrassment to border Mexico and NOT speak Spanish like most Americans in Texas and California. Americans wear their intolerance like a badge of honor, actually bullying Spanish speakers in public spaces.. Americans are proud of being monolingual when the world sees that as stupidity. I and my family are learning Senegalese Wolof now, which will be language #6 for me.🌍

  6. Common sense also did not work in Sweden,when people went out on public lawns and gathering in big crowds ,government resorted to tricky measures spreading slurry. And Sweden this week rose to the high in deaths countries in Europe,by far surpassing Germany

  7. While I do think the German (or most-of-the-western-world-)approach is the more sensible one, we should also remember that this is a marathon, not a race. More waves will come. And IF you can build a lasting immunity against the virus, and IF sweden managed to attain herd immunity in large parts of the country, our death numbers might go up while theirs remains constant, making them right in the end.

    Problem is that we don't know for sure about those big "IF"s. But at the very least it's good to have Sweden as a kind of control group of sorts. Even though they of course took some measures to fight the virus.

  8. The social distancing and hand washing has slowed the active case rate to 600-700 per day in Sweden. But it hasn't dropped it.. it will keep on transmitting until it has killed 0.3-1.6% of population 30k – 180k deaths. It's a good case study because the rest of the world will probably have to follow. Businesses need to get back on their feet.

  9. Sweden's approach is an EPIC FAIL! Sweden WILL BE THE FIRST COUNTRY TO GO EXTINCT! Giesecke and Tegnell are FRAUDS and QUACKS and should be SENT TO GITMO! Osterholm and Fauci are CORRECT and PWN these two ass-clowns!

  10. I‘m German and they’re not testing as much as possible like the media portrays. They test people with symptoms and only if the doctors think it could be covid. Important people actually recommend testing more random people to find unrecorded cases but we have a institution called RKI and they always find helpful measures unnecessary…but they get paid by Bill Gates so no more questions.

  11. Bottom line: no matter how long you impose a lockdown and no matter how successful it might seem, sooner or later these restrictions will have to be lifted and when they are you can expect a resurgence of cases — and deaths. Thus in the long run, draconian measures to impose social distancing will not matter much healthwise. But in economic terms, the longer you impose these measures the more damage you will do to both the economy and the general welfare. We have no choice, therefore, but to learn to live with this virus just as we've learned to live with the flu.

  12. In a simplified binary world the EU is a bloc. I find it highly questionable to compare countries in this crisis and ignore that fact.

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