India's battle against COVID-19 Pandemic | BCG vaccine to offer COVID-19 protection

The coronavirus has affected even the mightiest countries of the world taking the global death toll to 48,276. Now according to some US researchers, there may be a ray of hope. BCG vaccine may offer protection against the deadly coronavirus. Watch report:

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  1. Well, this means that a lot of people in Australia and the US are fucked. Spain, Germany, and pretty much Europa don't make BCG mandatory… only young people have gotten it.

  2. There is a solution. Avoid cold foods (eg cheese, fresh milk). Using spicy food. Morning is important. The evening was awful. Drink in the morning, take Black pepper, ginger, juice with salt and lime and drink two throat drinks every three to three hours in the morning. Drinking pineapple juice in between. Tell Results. More can be added later.
    අThis results in a chemical change, which takes energy into the heart and lungs. He also acts as a messenger. Drink in the morning sunlight when the body is reflected. Sorry for my english.

  3. BCG (TB) vaccine leaves an ugly lump. If they use it, DO NOT do it on women's or girl's arms, or let a doctor put it on your daughter's arms! It will disfigure them for life. Do it on a part with little or no sex appeal, like the back. I'm not saying "don't do it", just NOT on the arm. Women, keep your

    Arms B C G Free.

    Please copy this message & spread it everywhere you can.


  4. I suggest that these guys should refrain from using the statistics provided by the CCP. The number of virus deaths is early close to 80K in China. That's not yet equal to the combined death rate in the entire world put together. I think the rate of infection in the US and Germany may be the best comparisons cos they have tested so many people.

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