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Fact Check: Coronavirus के बीच Shahrukh Khan के Pakistan को 45 करोड़ रुपये देने का सच | Covid 19

The Lallantop Fact Check: A post and video related to actor Shah Rukh Khan is going viral on social media. It is being claimed that Shah Rukh Khan has donated 45 crores rupees to Pakistan while he has not donated anything for the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in India yet. According to the claim, Shahrukh Khan donated the money during the disaster in Pakistan. Netizens are trolling the King Khan of Bollywood a traitor.

In the investigation of ‘The Lallantop’, this claim turned out to be false. While searching on the internet with the help of keywords, The Lallantop’s Padtaal team could not find any such information in which Shah Rukh has donated to Pakistan neither in COVID-19 pandemic nor in any other situation.

Watch the video by the Editor of ‘The Lallantop’ Saurabh Dwivedi to know the complete truth behind the viral post and video of Shah Rukh Khan claiming that he has donated the money at the time of the disaster in Pakistan.
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  1. सर आप भी किन मदरचोदो के चक्कर मे आ गए ये ऐसे ही लोग है और आपसे बढ़ा आफिस इनका है

  2. To kiya hua tumhari kio mirchi lag rahi hein kiya pakistan mein log nahi hein tum pakistan ke liye aatanki aur pakistan ke liye tum aatanki ye sab netao ki aag lagai hui hein …sharuk ko donate karna chahiye ..

  3. Aje Tak….???
    India TV..???
    Republic TV…???
    News Nation..??
    Any Madharchod leader…????
    Only. SRK…????
    #BJP… Ke Madharchod.. gunda hi sabe… Wahi.. Tweeter par.. trend.. kar rhye…. Personal account se. Nahi.. troller account se….

  4. So just to sell your news, you go out there on tv, social media etc to spread false rumours? !!!
    1) Why would he donate 45CR when his country is already in need of money.?
    2) He has always been called a traitor because he is a muslim himself and he supported pakistani cricketers and actors when everybody was against them for something they didn't do….
    3) There is no proof of him doing anything that associates him to Pakistan.

    I am a Pakistani and have a lot of respect for the indian people. But i do hate the indian media for creating hate amongst people., propaganda and say all that comes to mind for the sake of money.

    I have high hope for the upcoming generations of both countries. Please don't make the same mistakes our elders did. Do not hate each other based on race, religion, sexual orientation, political views etc… Be kind, respectful towards one and other 🙂

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