Your COVID-19/Coronavirus Protection Plan

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– “You Are What You Eat!” – audio/workbook program
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Paul Chek is founder of the CHEK Institute and creator of the PPS Success Mastery program.


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  1. So much misinformation here. Lots of Mumbo Jumbo for profit. don’t believe this man he is making stuff up based on anecdotes. Citing Joe Rogan’s podcast…. omg…Jumping around from one thing to the next …Bye … nothing useful here on dealing with Corona virus. Blah blah blah out of balanced makes us sick!!

  2. I wouldn't worry about this cold. Worry about the rules that will be implemented by the government which will never go away. Worry about destruction of the economy & say goodbye to cash.
    Good info nevertheless.

  3. awesome video thanks for that. But your view on breathing doesn't match the concept of the book The Oxygen Advantage which is all about small breaths and keeping CO2 levels high, and this is also how we practise breathing these days in modern developped freediving. Big breaths are usefull in pranayama's, but not in normal breathing, which we refer to in freediving as tidal breathing. Thanks for this vid!

  4. Re: body temperature and immune function, does the cause of the heat (exercise vs say a bath/sauna) not make quite a difference. I often read that to prevent infection from viruses, light exercise is good, but intensive (heat-producing) exercise weakens resistance. And this has consistently played out ime. My coming down with illnesses, or getting worse, is always preceded by quite intense excerise. Conversely, hot baths and saunas tend to help, which is unsurprising as our evolved defense response to viral infections is to ramp up body temperature.

  5. Thank you for the time and effort publishing this
    ~CHEK student

    I didn’t get to meet you at the 3 courses I attended, but that’s good as possibly next course I can be a better representation of health.

    I’m sure you can see how over the recent years many of your principles have been copied everywhere. Copied is probably not the right word, and the influence is good but I see some of it media-ized (I can’t find the right word) which I wish they would give credit to and tell whole truths instead of half’s.

    Thanks again
    Always learning

  6. Mr. Paul Chek. Thank for sharing this with the world! I hope that this challenging period we all face can help catalyze a more balanced state throughout humanity and help us to awaken. I trust Nature will do what she needs to do to survive and thrive, and I hope we can come together, work together and thrive together along with her. I would love to see your teachings and principles taught in schools around the globe. What you've shared is the core of what we all need. Thank you again.
    Lots of love,
    Kyle 🙂

  7. Great video Paul! As Chek practitioners we teach the same wheel of health. We are a husband and wife team also who is bringing our community daily home videos to guide them into a holistic lifestyle. Check us out!

  8. Paul I've always hi questions regarding your time in the military.

    1. I've heard you talk about how you would eat raw vegetables dipped in yogurt. How do you get access to the raw yogurt while living on a base?

    2. Before you fought your way out to the boxing team and before you were doing Triathlon I know that you were a mechanic. How did you counteract the extremely long hours that mechanics have to work in a row? Did you sleep polyphasically?

  9. Thank you Paul sound rules to live by. I wish you all good health & turn off the silly News that is spreading bad news sad news never no good news.

  10. Paul, you say that you have never had a day of work due to illness for well over 30 years. Does that mean that you have never had even a bit of a cold or tummy bug in over 30 years? Or did you just go into work feeling not 100% and managed it as best as possible?

    You had a parasite and fungal infection, and adrenal fatigue right? Was that over 36 years ago?

  11. Hey Paul, thanks for this great video blog and to mention the importance of investing in organic farming. Since this Covid-19 event, I'm reading again How to eat, move and be healthy 😉 Since I did my HLC1 in Denmark with JP and HLC2 in San Diego with you, I have started a permaculture farm in Belgium. As you may expect, since this Covid-19, we are getting dozen of new customers at the farm every week 🙂 Hugs & love from the Belgian Ardennes. Jean-Cédric

  12. Hi Paul, just wondering I use Oreganol which has P73 for the immune system. It says on the bottle "These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA" What does this mean for the product?

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