COVID-19 – Effects on E-commerce, stock market, and more. ft. Jason Wong & Melisa Vong

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  1. what you should be mentioning is that because most people your age think they are not in a high risk group for serious complications from this virus, they are not following the social distancing that is being recommended – and Italy and France are seeing a large increase in mortality rates among this population,

  2. I have called to Russian Post to check the status of my orders and see if they will be delivered to my clients…they told me that everything is ok and products will continue to be delievered )

  3. The Kind of Content you have produced for the past few months has been done exceptionally well, I used to Skip your videos in my sub box just like every other Dropshipper out there that only provide Ground level Surface info bullshit from 2016. You have seriously transcended yourself massively and hope you continue to do so. Stay Safe Sebastian

  4. This is really only affecting people that rely on Chinese sourcing exclusively. The people who are into wholesale FBA (necessities currently) or using US suppliers aren't experiencing the same sort of issues. My personal accounts and my automation client accounts are pretty much insulated from this threat because we're using US suppliers almost exclusively while we shut down our Chinese listings.

  5. This kid getting these chinese folks businesses through this video, he himself also making money by publishing this video through youtube,

    everyone is after that dough, nobody cares about no one, what a world we live in lol.

    Good Bless you all.

  6. Spanish flu lasted two years, it happend around 100 years ago (1917-1918). Likely this will take 2 years or less to get over because of the methods and technology we have now. Could be one year. I think people returning to work though pre-maturely will be disastrous in the US. Please stay safe and find any way you can to be on un-employment or reach out to family and live with them to stay away from the public. This is not going to clear up in two weeks, and even two months. Look at the spanish flu as a reference (mind you that was a different time and the methods and technology was worse).

  7. For the people planning on opening a store during these times, please don’t. The negatives outweigh the positives. You’ll almost certainly lose money

  8. Is Aliexpress that bad? My thought is to use USA ship from and if you have a niche and need to fill your store with product it should work. I know the drill with shipping times and China and all that. Just been holding off from using Ali due to all the bad reviews. I feel like it is what you make it. You can't just slap products up and the next day your making $$. Is there an angle I am not seeing?

  9. This virus is extremely dangerous
    My husband died on Monday April 13, after less than two weeks of disease.
    Our four kids and I also have the virus. I got sick, still recovering.
    My kids seem fine.
    Please, don't go out if you don't have to.

  10. This is utter bullshit. Weeks after he started dropshipping – he started teaching. Think about that for one second. There is a very good reason why he doesn't advertise his drop shipping company. I'm meant, think, what business owner would not use a platform like this to advertise their business and increase sales? Has it clicked yet? You want to believe him sure, but please – don't be a loser.

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